‘P.S. I think I’ll write again tomorrow’

While getting ready for his fishing trip Tyler remembered he had lost his compass somewhere in his messy room. As he searched for it he recalled what his dad had told him, “Dad always says that if I have a problem, I should talk to God about it.” As he waited for God to help him find his compass he decided to write a letter to God.

“I thought maybe God didn’t hear me, so I decided to write him a letter. Everyone likes to get mail!”

“Letters to God,” inspired by the true story of Tyler, was released before the movie, which recently launched on DVD. The book was written by Tyler’s parents, Patrick and Heather Doughtie. This children’s version of the story takes place minus the cancer the real Tyler went through which is depicted in the movie.

Through Tyler children are introduced to developing a comfortable relationship with God through writing letters. Although this book is recommended for children from ages four to seven, it is truly a gem for everyone in the family.

Children also learn that it is not just about asking God for personal help but also that is also important to ask God to help his others. Tyler learns this lesson on his way to the mailbox.

“I put the letter in an envelope. I didn’t have God’s address, but I figured the mailman would know it.”

Tyler not only learns the power of prayer through letters but he also learns the power of gratitude even when things seem a little bit off. He also learns that sometimes, what you are looking for its found while having finally obeyed mom.

Shakespeare’ the Merchant of Venice is one of his most famous dramas. However, while most of them can be classified as either tragedy or comedy easily, this one does not fit in a single category. The reason is that while there are comic events and elements in the drama, there are tragic ones too that sometimes reach the level of absolutely horrifying. At the core of the drama are three things. The first is the friendship between Antonio and Bassanio, the second is the romance between Bassanio and Portia and the third but the most important is the bond between Antonio and Shylock. Shylock is a greedy moneylender and a complicated villain. He shows mixed character traits and that’s why at some points while he appears a bad villain, at others he is plainly a business man who amuses by his talk and quotes. Still, if the drama gets so dark and tragic at points then it is because of his cunning and villainous attitude.

The romance between Bassanio and Portia are the comic parts of the drama and the bond between Antonio and Shylock the tragic part. Bassanio is a poor noble man who loves Portia and needs money to see her. However, he does not have enough money and Antonio’s ships are out at the sea. Due to this reason Antonio is forced to seek financial assistance from Shylock who lends at the condition that if Antonio fails he will have to forsake a pound of flesh from anywhere Shylock wills. The deadly bond is struck and gives rise to a series of tragic events. While Bassanio is gone to see Portia, Antonio’s ships get caught in a storm and do not return.

He is unable to pay the cruel Jew back and therefore is forced to fulfil the bond as cruel Shylock wants. Antonio writes to Bassanio and if he has forgotten his friend. He writes that he has failed to pay the Jew and will lose one pound of flesh as per the contract. Why Shylock is bent at killing Antonio is because he has offended the Jew in the past calling him a miser and greedy person. The Jews were not treated with respect in Venice and that made Shylock strike this plan of revenge. Antonio who used to be a proud business man is forced to bend before Shylock’s will. The situation is tragic not just for Antonio and Bassanio but for Portia too. Antonio has not been able to pay his loan and will have to let the Jew have his rightful share per the contract. Bassanio is unhappy because he believes he is the cause of all this. Portia is sad because she cannot see Bassanio unhappy.

However, tragedy rises to a point and then comic things happen in the drama. Portia is a witty young woman who finds a way to defeat Shylock. The contract mentions that he can have a pound of flesh but not a pint of blood from Antonio’s body. Shylock loses his case in the court and he is punished for plotting against an innocent Christian. He loses all his wealth and property to his daughter and Antonio. Even his daughter leaves him to marry a Christian. At last everyone except Shylock is left feeling happy. Shylock is left in a poor situation because of his evil plot to get revenge from Antonio. His evil plan results in nothing but insult and misery for the Jew.

Shakespeare has balanced comedy with tragedy in the drama. He has used both the elements in it to make it interesting and have a long-lasting flavour. The cunning heart of the Jew, the innocence of Antonio, the love and romance of Portia all make the drama engaging and interesting. So, to classify it as either a tragedy or comedy would be wrong. Shakespeare’s art has however, created a great balance between the two which has seen a lot of appreciation since the time it was written. Even in the character of Shylock one can find both of the elements and while his contract ad attitude towards the poor Christian businessman are horrible, at several points he is quite hilarious with his amusing style and talk.

REAP REWARDS BY READING; FEEDING YOUR MIND AND KEEPING YOUR INTELLECT ENGAGED, AMUSED, EDUCATED, OR ENTERTAINED… Children and adolescents can be inspired by books that are age-appropriate for their reading level and that offer novel concepts that are usually unfolded at the end of the story, rewarding the child or youth for reading the story, or book to the end. The boost in self-esteem and accomplishment is very exciting. Explaining all of the components that were organized for putting a book together is important. Books are not outdated relics in an attic, books are tools with pages, a binding and more attributes that delineate the important organization and elements that bring a book into creation. The author, publisher, the title, summary and type of dewy decimal classification is systematic and an important concept to grasp for children that are new to books, and in the knowledge how they are important now and throughout history. Begin teaching children about books at an early age, spend quality time with them as they get inspired or enriched through reading. Another good way to spend quality time with a child is teaching them the joy of purposeful reading, asking them questions about the text and asking them to explain the title of the book, ask if they understand how the title foreshadows the content of the book. Having children read aloud in small groups gives confidence to young readers and allows them to become more at ease in public reading, or to gain confidence in large groups or assemblies of people.



Giving children the ability to read, by providing books and encouragement is an awesome gift with lifetime benefit. Planting the seed for habitual reading is planting and growing seeds of success in a child’s life. Reading is essential for a great education and used as a future reference for everything educational, informational or aiding in a child’s ability to engage and understand how to self-monitor and be more independent with knowledge gained through reading and comprehension. Using reading as a tool and reference can create a capable adult that is willing to learn as he reads.


Everyone has a reference point or fascination that constantly captures their thoughts or imagination; sometimes it is a location that brings comfort: familiar stomping grounds: small avenues, a park or city. There are many adventures to be found when you read, you open the gates for excitement and adventure!

I find adventure in reading good books, it is usually in books or something that someone is uttering for me to reap directly or indirectly, sometimes I get it a day later, just so happy to get the message, receive the information, or to export what I have learned by continuing to pass along the newly gained knowledge.

I commend all of the authors and writers that motivated me and aided my growth through the joy of reading! They have poured out their souls in scripts, instructions, productions and even some funny riffs! Enjoy soaking in their different biographies and innovative ways that they choose to entice, direct good intention, joy, and loyalty to us; tools that we utilize from our resourceful, interpersonal motivation to outwardly grow. When we grow and expand our minds, we are flowing in wisdom and knowledge and attract like-minded people and adventure to ourselves.

Reading is like enticing adventure, a prospect you can willingly attain, your time will be prosperously, productive, well-invested; and your return will be massively insane!!!!

Along our uniquely efficient lives, it is always so nice and so wise to realize, reading is a treat: the paragraphs, chapters; all-in-all any written communication or expression is a sharing of another souls’ care and extension, something really, really admirable and pretty cool too!

If you have a moment, or you really enjoy reading a lot, take a year to read one particular book from cover to cover through and through: THE BOOK OF LIFE. (THE BIBLE)

Soak it in, a little bit at-a-time; the life lessons; helpful tools, stories, foreshadowing and truths have guided me since my youth. It still continues to advise me, scold me and mold me today.

The enrichment through the words, speaking through illustrations about the power of the tongue, reminds me to be cognizant in my word expression; to use words for communication; extend my understanding: to relate better to myself and to enjoy the words of enjoyment that have given me so many amazingly great times and in good measure!

I care about making the world increase in power through verbal or written text, to cultivate and appreciate words, as I aspire to be increased by good books, inspirational messages, and enjoying all writing’s in general! REAP Rewards by reading. Reward reading habits and watch a child’s mind expand! The reward in reading is everlasting and can open a new world of knowledge or information for a child or even for an adult at any age.

All too often the citizens of the United States get into a huff over politics. They refuse to read the books of politicians which don’t agree with them. They call their works “trash” without ever reading a single chapter. Personally, I cannot do that, I want to know what the opposition party has to say, I’d like to listen to their arguments, and I like to, or rather enjoy finding flaws in their logic.

Interestingly enough, often they make very good points. As a conservative, you might find it odd that I’d recommend that you read Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book; It Takes a Village. Nevertheless, I’m going to recommend that you read this book because she does bring up some very good points, and although most of them have probably crossed your mind, or you’ve heard the political argument, it’s best to hear it in her own words.

After all, this woman is now the top diplomat of the world. The full title of the book is;

“It Takes a Village – and Other Lessons Children Teach Us,” by Hilary Rodham Clinton

There were some things that I enjoyed in the book and a few quotes that I like to share with you, two things that caught my eye, and reminded me that in reality there is a baseline of knowledge, and common sense that we all share. The first quote was; “Kids do not come with instruction manuals,” which is absolutely true, and it’s not that we wish to take away parenting, or tell others how to raise their children, but it’s definitely something to think about along her lines of the debate and argument.

The next quote that I thought was pretty interesting was; “The best tool you can give a child is a shovel,” and I think you’ll enjoy that chapter. Even if you do not like Hillary Clinton politically, I’m going to hereby recommend that you read this book, and no, as a conservative I didn’t agree with all of it, but there were parts of it that were interesting. And it was a decent philosophical dialogue of a left-leaning politician. Please consider all this.

Hello All. My family just went to see ‘Inkheart’ at the movie theater. The story line was that when certain people read a book characters from the book come into reality; and, people from the present are sucked into the book. I suppose it is sort of like the movie Jumanji – except it is a book instead of a board game. Seven of us went to see it. Three liked it; three didn’t care for it; and one slept through most of it so he did not vote.

Anyway, I began to think about the book that pulled me into it. It is the Bible of course. I read it over the years; I had favorite passages; I gained a general knowledge of what was in the Bible; I gained specific knowledge of scriptures providing evidence of the theology of the church that I grew up in.

Then something dreadful happened. My sister dropped dead of a heart attack at age 33. I was immediately comforted that April was in heaven, but I still had to deal with the present and the reality that she had died. I was overwhelmed with grief.

The Bible is what saved me. It pulled me into it like an escape from a nightmare. As long as I read the Bible I was in a different realm, a realm where I was somewhat comforted, where things seemed OK to some extent. I read it so much that it seemed like I almost memorized the Old Testament.

Prior to that time, I knew the people in the Bible were real, but it didn’t really seem to sink in. During that time of sorrow it seemed that the more I read the Bible, the more I began to see the people in the Bible as people just like me. They struggled with grief and sorrow. They struggled to do what was right. They struggled to get by from day to day. I was ‘pulled into that book’.

If you are a Christian today, struggling with something in your life, your daily salvation is also in that Book.

Great preachers and Bible teachers of the ages have been pulled into the Bible as well. Some people are pulled into the Bible by the Holy Spirit. They don’t need a specific disaster or sorrow or in their personal life. They aren’t necessarily called into full time ministry. They just get interested in reading and studying the Bible and it gets hold of them. They begin to ‘live’ in the Book.

Just as people are pulled into the Bible, the Word of the Living God, there are things and creatures in the Bible that live in this world. Evil is with us. Love is with us. Sorrow and joy are things from the Book that live here as well. There are some dreadful creatures mentioned in Revelation that will one day come into the world we now live in. You do not want to be here when that happens.

Along with these creatures will come earth’s darkest hours. If you would escape these evil times, you need to act now.

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved today, There is time.

If you have already trusted Jesus Christ, the author of the Bible, then give thanks.

Thanksgiving is done in deeds as well as in words.

If you love Christ, you will serve Him.

You will do the things He says to do.

You will set out each day to:

be kind to one another,’



Because this is how Jesus Christ treated us.

AND, you will tell others that Christ died for them; and, they can also escape from the wrath to come through Jesus Christ.

Tell them, ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.’

Moving a home or office requires a lot of planning and the most integral role through the process is that of the moving company. Getting a good bargain on the moving company can make your whole move easier without burning a hole in your pocket. You can talk to your friends and relatives who might have hired a moving company to find a reliable one, or read the following for some helpful advice on how to find a good moving company.

The cost of a moving company can be calculated and estimated on a number of factors which includes the size of the vehicle and the distance it will cover. Nationwide companies may charge a little more than your local moving company, which might have lower rates and suit you better. All you need to do is to keep the factors of reliability and safety of your goods in mind. Whether you are planning to do a local move, interstate or even international move – the moving companies' reputation, reliability, prompt delivery and safety of goods is what's important. To find a good moving company you may refer to local directories and even browse online sites that detail moving companies. With a variety of services offered by moving companies, you can get a full service moving company, a pack-only moving company, a drive-only moving company, or even a trailer rental for you to pack and drive your own belongings. A lot will depend on whether you are doing the whole move yourself or require the help of moving professionals. The costs of moving trucks and professionals come at different rates depending on what you require.

There is different pricing for each moving company depending upon the nature of goods being moved, the distance covered by the truck and the size of the haul. So it's best to do a bit of research first, get quotes from different companies on the cost and insurance, and then decide which company is the best for your move.

Tip: Once you have the above information, do some searching with the moving companies' name online and see if you can find any customer service reviews. Knowing your goods are being safely handled or that the moving truck will be reliable is extremely important during a move. Remember the cheapest moving company may not always be more economic over the longer term if your goods are damaged or lost. Lastly, make sure you have reliable cell phone numbers of key people in the moving company should anything go wrong on the moving day.

Comparing the price quotes will give you a good idea on the actual cost, but make sure the prices quoted include insurance of your goods. Insurance is necessary in the event of accidents and loss of goods. If the moving company does not offer insurance, be sure to obtain your own insurance though another company.

The cost of a moving company depends upon whether it is making a one way trip or round trip, and whether you are booking it for a weekend or a weekday. Weekdays are comparatively cheaper as compared to weekends and similar summers are more expensive than winters. You may also be required to make a deposit at the time of obtaining a moving company, depending on the moving company terms and conditions.

To make your move easy, remember to:

· Keep the Bill of lading that is given to you by the moving company as it is a legally binding note of contract between you and them.

· Read the quote which is on your contract as well as the agreed upon rates. Also be sure to read the moving company's liability of your goods, delivery date and insurance claim clauses.

· If you are packing your goods, pack them properly to eliminate damage and breakages. With better moving boxes and wooden crates easily available, it is best to pack delicate glassware and other items in Styrofoam.

Finding a good moving company gives you peace of mind and allows for an easy relocation whether it is an office or home furniture and household items.

Pliny the Elder
Encyclopedias have remained on this earth since 2000 years. The oldest is Naturalis Historia written by Pliny the Elder in Roman times. It spreads over 37 sections covering art and structural design, natural history, medicine, geography, geology and every other facet that was present near to him. The facts were compiled from 2000 different works of 200 authors, but he was not able to proof read the entries. It got published in AD 77-79. Earlier, the works by Marcus Terentius Varro were already there, but became lost in time.

Middle ages
The Etymologiae (around 630) became known as the first encyclopaedia of Middle Ages compiled by Saint Isidore of Seville, a great scholar of Middle Ages. This encyclopedia spreads over 448 chapters in 20 volumes with quotes and excerpts from the work of other authors.

The High Middle ages saw reference to mostly Bartholomeus Anglicus' De proprietatibus rerum (1240).
Vincent of Beauvais's Speculum Majus (1260) was pretty progressive with over 3 million words in the late-medieval period.

The Suda is one huge encyclopedia of the Byzantine times of ancient Mediterranean world. It's written in Greek lexicon style containing 30,000 entries.

17th-19th centuries
The modern idea of ​​a printed encyclopedia, that could have been extensively circulated for general use, came with Chambers' Cyclopaedia (1728) and the Encyclopédie of Diderot and D'Alembert (1751 onwards), as well as Encyclopedia and the Conversations-Lexikon. These included comprehensive topics that had a wide scope and were in-depth and organized. The Chamber's dictionary follows the lead of john Harris' Lexicon Technicum.

Sir Thomas Browne, renamed English Scholar and physician used the word encyclopedia in 1646 in his vulgar errors, where common errors of his times were disputed. This encyclopaedia was constructed on the proven scheme of Renaissance or 'scale of creation'. It goes up the hierarchical tree starting from mineral, vegetable, animal, human, and planetary till cosmological worlds.

John Harris is given credence now for the alphabetic format he introduced in 1704 with his Lexicon Technicum: A Universal English Dictionary of Arts and Sciences: Explaining not only the Terms of Art, but the Arts Themselves. "It emphasized science as in the understanding of the 18th-century, still its topics extended beyond science to include humanities and fine arts like law, commerce, music, and heraldry.

20th century
In the early 1920's, Harmsworth's Universal Encyclopedia and the Children's Encyclopedia became popular and affordable resources. In the US, the 50's and 60's saw several large editions being introduced and gaining popularity. They were sold through installments. WorldBook and Funk and Wagnalls came out the best.

In the second half, several encyclopedias were published. Their work was not possible as they synthesized important topics from particular fields, gained through new researches. The Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Elsevier's Handbooks In Economics were 2 such books. Most academic disciplines are covered in one dedicated volume including even narrow topics like bioethics and African American history.

The Internet is an exciting place for entertainment. We can play Online games, Chat with friends and family, Can browse live news and interesting articles, Watch online movies, Do online shopping, Hear FM Radio's and Podcasts, Watch Live Televisions, Get new friends through social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace , Orkut, Twitter, Friendster etc. And in general, Internet provides a great range of entertainment.

Video sharing sites provide much more fun and entertainment. These sites such as Google video, YouTube, Metacafe includes lots of funny, interesting and useful videos. Funny pranks and Comedy videos in those video sharing website will be used a good stress relieving tools.

Watching online movies is another great entertainment in Internet. There are numerous websites providing online movies, some of them are free too and some charge a tiny payment. Online movies include all genres such as action, romance, drama etc.

Online games such as Yahoo Games, Pogo, iWin, Shockwave, and New grounds are all great pages containing thousands of free online games for users of all ages. These games are often Flash, Shockwave, or Java and can be easily played through your browser without having to download and install the game. There are stress relieving games to overcome everyday stress in business and personal life's. Websites such as Bored.com, Funisland.com, and gamefunonline.com have lots of free online games, computer games and flash games. Not only that but we have tons of fun filled games.

Social networking site's posses lot of fun and they are equipped with options like chatting, video and photo sharing, tagging, writing comments, updating status and lot more. Messenger services and VoIP service provide chatting and group conversation, which enables enhanced communication.

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In general Internet is a great source of fun, entertainment provider. Internet is resourceful tool providing lot of entertainment. Internet acts as a great communication application.

Over the years, I've slaved away creating thousands of articles online, and hundreds of e-books. There is a method to my madness, although it may not be readily apparent. My goal is to get information out to the world, and also to share my experiences, observations, insights, and knowledge with human societies. Why you ask? Well, because I believe the world is not good enough, human civilizations have not reached their full potential, and the human race is stuck in the mud so to speak.

Some say that because I am not a writer by trade that I should be writing anything online. I completely disagree. The Internet is made to share information, and much of it is in the written form. Just because someone has not spent decades writing, or does not possess an MA in writing from a university does not mean that their knowledge is not viable or worthy. Further, I would submit to you that many people who are very good at writing are also not as knowledgeable in the fields that they write on, or at least as knowledgeable as someone else who has spent all their time doing it, rather than writing about it.

There was a rather interesting article in the LA times by Michael Kinsley, a popular columnist and writer on February 18, 2012 entitled "Syntax? Logic? Why?" Where he stated in the article and I quote; "when it comes to writing on the web, quantity trumps quality." Now then, as much as this bothers me, and I'm sure it bothers all of the other writers out there, I have a bit of experience this matter. Namely I have noted that my sheer quantity has assisted me online, whereas better writers, who have since more knowledge in their perspective fields have been able to compete with the sheer volume I have created.

Some might say this is good, others bad, I'm saying say both, and I'm like this. On one hand, it's too bad we are dummying down our population by poorly written articles. It's unfortunate that much of what is written online on blogs or in social networks contains very little knowledge or information at all. It is too bad that while it is important for people to express their opinions, and we can gain from various perspectives and insights coming from different directions, that much of what is polling the Internet today is an incessant nonsense, and a deluge of debris.

Neverheless, Michael Kinsley is correct, and one only has to look at the text messaging and some of the blogs out there to see what a bunch of crap there is online and the quantity is important to getting seen and heard. Originally, as the Internet got started the crowd was more intellectual, but today everyone is online, the digital divide has been crossed, and along with it they have brought all the nonsense off-line into the virtual world. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

What is character? According to the dictionary, character means

1. a distinct trait;
2. behavior typical of a person or group;
3. moral strength;
4. reputation.

Character is an evaluation of a particular individual's moral qualities. It can also implicate a variety of attributes including the existence of lack of virtues such as integrity, courage, fortitude, honesty and loyalty, or of good behaviors or habits. When someone is a moral character, it is primarily referring to the assemblage of qualities that distinguishing one individual from another.

When we watch a movie or read a book we usually think of the characters. Even though sometimes the character is complex most of the time they tend to be usually good or bad. Even in the early days of the western, you could tell the characters by the color of their outfits and hats. Although we tend to support the good character and cheer them on as they go about their lives. We want to see them succeed. But in real life character is much more complicated. We are all an array of good and bad character visits. We need to make a conscience decision to do what is right. Depending on your choices, we are either rewarded or have to pay the consequences.

The United States Air Force Academy definition is "We define character as the sum of those qualities of moral excellence that stimulate a person to do the right thing, which is identified through right and proper actions respectively internal or external pressures to the contrary."

When we think of someone with good character or morals we can find many who fit the bill. One of the men I think about is Noah. Even if you are not biblical you have heard of Noah. Noah was a man who God chose as being a person of good character. Noah was a just man. He was righteous in conduct and character. He was a man vindicated by God. He was also able to maintain his integrity as he was being ridiculed by his peers. He was a role model for them and by being a man of good standing and did not waiver in his conviction, God protected Noah and his family.

"Watch your thoughts; they become deeds." Watch your characters; they become characters. "

In looking at the negative side of character for a brief moment. The current situation on Wall Street shows the CEO's of these firms as greedy. Shows a lack of integrity.

Once your character has been destroyed how long do you think it would take for others to trust you again? Would your character ever be totally repaired? Would there always be a hint of question surrounding you?

Remember when dealing with others keep your character intact. Also, remember the true test of character is what you do when no one is watching you. Do you act the same way when you are alone as you do when you are with others. As Abraham Lincoln said, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."