‘P.S. I think I’ll write again tomorrow’

While getting ready for his fishing trip Tyler remembered he had lost his compass somewhere in his messy room. As he searched for it he recalled what his dad had told him, “Dad always says that if I have a problem, I should talk to God about it.” As he waited for God to help him find his compass he decided to write a letter to God.

“I thought maybe God didn’t hear me, so I decided to write him a letter. Everyone likes to get mail!”

“Letters to God,” inspired by the true story of Tyler, was released before the movie, which recently launched on DVD. The book was written by Tyler’s parents, Patrick and Heather Doughtie. This children’s version of the story takes place minus the cancer the real Tyler went through which is depicted in the movie.

Through Tyler children are introduced to developing a comfortable relationship with God through writing letters. Although this book is recommended for children from ages four to seven, it is truly a gem for everyone in the family.

Children also learn that it is not just about asking God for personal help but also that is also important to ask God to help his others. Tyler learns this lesson on his way to the mailbox.

“I put the letter in an envelope. I didn’t have God’s address, but I figured the mailman would know it.”

Tyler not only learns the power of prayer through letters but he also learns the power of gratitude even when things seem a little bit off. He also learns that sometimes, what you are looking for its found while having finally obeyed mom.

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