All too often the citizens of the United States get into a huff over politics. They refuse to read the books of politicians which don’t agree with them. They call their works “trash” without ever reading a single chapter. Personally, I cannot do that, I want to know what the opposition party has to say, I’d like to listen to their arguments, and I like to, or rather enjoy finding flaws in their logic.

Interestingly enough, often they make very good points. As a conservative, you might find it odd that I’d recommend that you read Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book; It Takes a Village. Nevertheless, I’m going to recommend that you read this book because she does bring up some very good points, and although most of them have probably crossed your mind, or you’ve heard the political argument, it’s best to hear it in her own words.

After all, this woman is now the top diplomat of the world. The full title of the book is;

“It Takes a Village – and Other Lessons Children Teach Us,” by Hilary Rodham Clinton

There were some things that I enjoyed in the book and a few quotes that I like to share with you, two things that caught my eye, and reminded me that in reality there is a baseline of knowledge, and common sense that we all share. The first quote was; “Kids do not come with instruction manuals,” which is absolutely true, and it’s not that we wish to take away parenting, or tell others how to raise their children, but it’s definitely something to think about along her lines of the debate and argument.

The next quote that I thought was pretty interesting was; “The best tool you can give a child is a shovel,” and I think you’ll enjoy that chapter. Even if you do not like Hillary Clinton politically, I’m going to hereby recommend that you read this book, and no, as a conservative I didn’t agree with all of it, but there were parts of it that were interesting. And it was a decent philosophical dialogue of a left-leaning politician. Please consider all this.

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